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The Bible Says

Good Morning Everyone:

Just wanted to touch bases with all of you to let you know you are thought of, missed, and prayed for. Hopefully, everyone is adjusting to the restraints we are dealing with right now. It is interesting to think about the difference between being alone and feeling lonely. Alone is a state of being. Lonely is more of a feeling. We may need to be alone right now, to some degree or other. But, loneliness as a feeling, we definitely have a choice about. We can choose to stay in that "Lonesome Valley" or find a way out with God's help.

friend in Spokane

I have a friend in Spokane who is reaching out to others as a ministry. Last week she and her husband left rolls of TP on people's doorsteps with a cheery note asking if there was anything the person needed. This week they are taking loaves of homemade bread around doing the same thing. What fun they are having! Here is another idea: Call someone you know and say something like, "Just called to tell you your telephone is ringing, to give you a voice hug and to ask how you are doing." Little things to laugh about really helps.

Yesterday, I had a visit from Tony and Carol Myers. They were just keeping in touch. We stood outdoors, with social distancing in place, to shoot the breeze for about 15 minutes. They left me 50 strawberry starts to plant. So, today I will be out at the garden alone (the dew will not be on any roses by that time), but with ever little plant I will not be lonely--Jesus will be there and I will have the smiles of those two dear friends. Plan to reach out to someone today.

blessing jars

Last time I asked about those blessing jars. Today, I have another suggestion. Blessings still need to be added to the jars, but let us add something else to keep us on the happy side of life. Try starting a list of things that bring you joy each day and, if you choose, tell someone else about it.

Psalm 91

Here is my joy starter. I was studying Psalm 91 this morning and stopped to visualize verse 4. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust...." First, I saw a huge eagle sitting there on a tree branch during a thunderstorm. I was one of its little babies sitting on the same branch cold and wet. As I scouted over next to Daddy Eagle. He smiled and lifted his wing as I crawled under among the soft downy feathers under there. During this time of uncertainty we have God's wing to shelter-in-place under. The storm will pass.

Please contact me if I can help in any way and don't forget to do those Bible study guides.

Blessings from heaven,
June Graham
Personal Ministries Coordinator