Seventh-day Adventist® Church

The Bible Says

Dear Church Family,

As you are quite aware we are not going to be able to meet this Sabbath for our Bible Study groups, but this doesn't mean we can 't work on our own or take advantage of modern technology and work with one or two others from our group.
In fact, working during the week on the lessons could be a way to stay connected with others. Working on your own is also encouraged. When we finally get back together, those of you who wish to go further with this project will be able to join in a class designed to help you create your own Bible studies and present them to others. It isn't really that hard to do and there are various formats to choose from.
The Amazing Facts group and the Ty Gibson
The Amazing Facts group and the Ty Gibson group should each have a complete set of guides that were either given to you or mailed out this week. You are free to prayerfully review Bible truths as you work through all of the lessons.
The Bible Marking group
The Bible Marking group is ahead of the rest of us. Elder Hughes has begun helping with writing questions to use in Bible study presentations. If possible, continue with this step. The rough draft for the teacher will soon be replaced with a final draft. Janet Aerni kindly agreed to do the revisions for us, so as soon as she is done we will have new copies made and sent to you.
The end is coming very fast, which means we need to be ready to share with others the hope that we hold so dear. Sharing this hope is what each of us is called to do. 
During this time of sheltering in place and remaining isolated it is easy to fall into the doldrums and start a major pity party that the Devil attends as our primary guest. Let us keep him out. I encourage you to get those Blessing Jars out that were distributed at the beginning of the year. Read over what you have already recorded and then add to the collection. I am especially noting the signs of spring--robins, red winged blackbirds, bluebirds. . . buttercups, pussy willows. 
Daily blessings
June Graham
Personal Ministries Coordinator
Amazing Facts