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Hope Awakens

Revelation Today: Hope Awakens

It Is Written is embarking on what is shaping up to be our largest evangelistic event ever. The present coronavirus pandemic has temporarily shut down our churches and halted traditional evangelism efforts, like the ones in which It Is Written was involved in Indiana. However, it has opened wide the door to reach thousands of people like never before.
The pandemic has created two opportunities: 1. People are at home in the evening without much to do besides watching old TV shows; and, 2. They are trying to understand what is going on in this world of ours. The Seventh-day Adventist church is in a perfect position to present our great message of hope and peace in these times of distress and turmoil. Thus, It Is Written is proposing a full-fledged evangelistic series entitled Hope Awakens, where people are personally greeted and befriended, blessed by life-changing messages, invited to make decisions for Jesus, lovingly followed-up, and eventually led to a decision for baptism, except it’s all done in a virtual environment with people participating from the comfort and safety of their own home. The nightly live meetings will be set up with John Bradshaw speaking directly to people online (no live audience) and will include a large crew of Bible workers ready to digitally connect immediately with our guests on an interactive online platform. This is the Net ‘95 of 2020. This crisis has become an opportunity of a lifetime.
This event will be a 20-presentation campaign livestreamed from Collegedale, Tennessee, starting on April 17. We are utilizing the latest technology which will enable us to personally connect with registering guests and also allow us to interact with attendees throughout each night’s presentation and follow up with them after the event.
In order to reach the masses of people trying to make sense of the times we are living in, It Is Written is investing time, resources, and finances in a nationwide digital marketing campaign which we believe has potential unlike anything we have ever done before.
We want to invite you and your church to be a part of this evangelistic event. Your church can participate and reap the benefits of this large, life-changing campaign for $5,000. This investment will cover a major digital advertising campaign in your territory (in addition to the nationwide It Is Written campaign) to zip codes specified by you. It will also include us doing all of the content creation, marketing, targeting, and hosting the live event. On top of that, we will train your selected members to serve as virtual Bible workers to carefully follow-up the attendees in your area. Our desire is to maximize your church growth.

By the way, let me add that the database (contact info) of people inquiring and registering for this series in your territory, which will be in the hundreds, will be yours to keep and use for future evangelism endeavors. That’s a goldmine.
We know this is all coming at you so fast–but we also know that what God has started, He will bring to completion. We believe with all the miracles of everything lining up, this is going to be something spectacular.
If you are interested or have questions, I need to hear from you by April 1 as we launch our digital marketing campaign nationwide. Please contact me directly at or on my cell phone at 661-241-0030.
For so long, we have been promised a day when the Holy Spirit will be poured out without measure. What if this is that moment? What if we can turn this tragedy into a triumph for Christ?
Thank you for the ministry you do. Please keep this event in your prayers.
Yves Monnier
Evangelism Director
It Is Written

The interactive meetings will be viewable on mobile devices and online. Individuals are encouraged to register for the series at